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AbundaTrade.com buys CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, LPs, and console Video Games (sorry, no PC Games)!  Enter UPCs, Artist or Title below. Please read the Terms and Conditions.

Free shipping is available for CD, DVD, and Video Games trades with a pre-valuation of $10 or more, AND an average item value of at least $0.75. For more information click here.

Hurricane Matthew Update: As of 10/11/16 we are back! The Abundatrade crew safely weathered the storm, and our warehouse is intact, safe, and dry. Please bear with us while we play catch-up; the processing time for trades may take a little longer than our normal turn over time. Thanks!

Ô Canada! As of 6/15/16 we are once again open to our friends north of the border! Please keep in mind that we can not provide free shipping and that the only form of payment we can offer is via paypal.

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