abundatrade offers free shipping!

Now there’s no excuse for not trading in those household CDs, DVDs, and Video Games.

How can you get free shipping?

free shipping on cds, dvds, and video games at abundatrade.com

  1. Enter the UPC codes for your CDs, DVDs, and Video Games in the trade calculator.
  2. If your pre-valuation total is $10 or more with an average of $.75/piece.
  3. Print out the shipping form from the website, complete the information, and place it on top of the items in each of your boxes.
  4. Reply to your trade confirmation email or email the Trade Department with “Free Shipping” in the subject line.
  5. In the body of your email type your name, shipping address, and estimated weight of your boxes.
  6. We will email directions and a UPS label for you to print out and tape to your boxes.

Trade used cds online for cash PLEASE REMEMBER: You must have a minimum list value of $10.

Your Items must be worth an average of $.75/piece in order to qualify.

We do not offer Free Shipping for items without cases and/or artwork.
Offer only available for items shipped from the contiguous United States.