You may have noticed…

We’re hearing that some people, when signing on to our site for the first time, are getting a message warning them about the security certificate of our website.

We’ve been working on the renewal of our SSL certificate for a few weeks, and we thought we had it fixed, but apparently not. Within a few days, we’ll have it solved.

Rest assured that visiting our website is safe and you may proceed without worry.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, by all means send us an email ( and let us know what’s on your mind!



As you may be aware, we stopped taking trades about a month ago, but now we’re back up and running!

Unfortunately, we had to shutter operations last month.  However, out of bad situations, sometimes good things happen.  We’re pleased to announce we’re under new ownership and management.

Monster Music and Movies, an independent CD & record store in Charleston, SC, has purchased the Abundatrade inventory and systems.  We’re a smaller operation now, but leaner and meaner!  Our team retains its core employees while enlisting a new management team with decades of music retail experience.  We’re able to provide a superior level of customer service and look forward to continuing to offer an outlet to unload your unwanted CDs & DVDs.

In addition, Monster is heavy into the vinyl business.  Our online calculator isn’t really able to assess value on vinyl records, but if you have vinyl sitting around gathering dust, email us and let’s discuss taking them off your hands.  Our combined staff is very knowledgeable, and our goal is to offer you a fair price.

As before, you can easily contact us at  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, by all means reach out and let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you!