Helpful Hints and Top Tips

To get the most out your trade experience, here are some tips:

  • Using the Calculator:


    – If you’re typing in barcode numbers, be sure to include the entire number.




    – If you’re typing in ASINs, be sure to capitalize the letters. And don’t forget that “O” and “0” are not interchangeable.


    – If you’ve got more than 75 items, an USB barcode scanner will speed up the process immensely. There are several available in the $20 to $30 ranges which work just as well as “professional” models.


    – For best results, using an item’s UPC or ASIN is more effective than searching by artist or title.


  • Free Shipping:


    – Lists with an average item valuation of $0.75 or greater AND a total valuation of $10.00 or greater qualify for free shipping.


    – Single items for which the calculator returns a value less than $0.50 will very quickly drag down the average; it’s best to delete them from your list as you create it, and add them back at the end while using the next tip.


    – The quickest way to determine if your list qualifies is to divide the Pre-Valuation Total by the Item Total. If the result is greater than 0.75, your list qualifies!