Item Conditions

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We typically accept 25% more items than our competitors. We also pay, on average, more than 20% more than our competitors for the items that we do accept. Your items are pre-valued at a Very Good condition based on real-time online market value because the vast majority of the items from our customers are in Very Good condition. When we review your items this is how they will be valued:

  • New (factory sealed, non-promo and/or unused retail quality) = 110% of Very Good Value
  • Like New(disc, artwork, packaging, cover and/or pages in Like New condition) = 105% of Very Good Value
  • Very Good (disc, artwork, packaging, cover and/or pages with slight wear) = 100% of the Value
  • Good (disc, artwork, packaging, cover and/or pages with heavy wear) = 75% of Very Good Value
  • Acceptable (missing discs, artwork, or packaging and/or very heavy wear) = We do not accept any item below the “Good” threshhold.
  • Music Clubs = market value or $0.15
  • Overstock (our current inventory exceeds a one year supply) = $0.05
  • No Abunda Value (irreparable or no current re-sale value online) = $0.00
  • High Value Items price at $100.00. Please contact us if you want a customized quote.

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