Trade Terms and Conditions

– AbundaTrade currently accepts CDs, DVDs/Blu-ray, Video Games (Sorry, no PC games…).

– Offers are based on current market value and condition.

– The valuation you receive when using the calculator is subject to change based on the condition of your items.

– Free shipping is available for CD, DVD, and Video Games trades with a pre-value of $10 or more, AND an average item value of at least $0.75.

– Not every item we receive is considered to be in resellable condition and is therefore considered “Declined”. Customers may request the return of their declined trade items before they accept the final trade value. Each customer is responsible for the cost of shipping any declined items. If the customer does not request these items back, they will not be automatically returned to the customer. Any items that are not requested back by the customer at the time of the acceptance of the final trade value will be donated or properly recycled by

If the customer requests to have the declined items returned then the cost will be deducted from their final trade value. If the cost of shipping back trade items to a customer exceeds the final trade value OR a customer chooses to not complete a trade, we will accept credit card payments or a check sent in the mail to the Trade Department for the cost of shipping back the items.