Non-For-Profit Organizations: Two Crucial Elements to Hiring a Grant Writer

The key to a financially strong non-for-profit organization can lie, primarily, in its ability to not only achieve goals and missions but to remain at the forefront of social networks and promote and facilitate fundraising opportunities. These key writers are important for outreach and charitable work.

For many non-for-profit organizations, hiring and retaining the services of grant writing professionals most often serves a two fold approach; obtaining professionally, well written grants while also employing an individual who plays a key role in the social networking process.

Non-for-profit organization, by and large, rely heavily upon the donations of individual contributors.

Without a socially adept grant writing professional, as well as a socially adept Director of Development, many non-for-profit organizations will fail. Working in and among similar organizations and networking with civic and community leaders is a crucial part of the grant writing professional’s role in contributing to the fundraising aspect of a non-for-profit organization. So, how does the Grant Writer know who to socially network with?

First, a Grant Writer, when working through the funding and support of a particular organization, will want to connect with other grant writers and development directors in similar organizations. From leisurely lunch appointments, the Grant Writer for the non-for-profit organization can obtain guidance and recommendations on various funding opportunities from like, kind and similar organizations.

Beyond lunch appointments, the Grant Writer for a non-for-profit organization may serve the organization well by collaborating with another similar non-for-profit organization or, at least, offering support in terms of volunteer work or services. In doing so, the Grant Writer can, experience, first hand the social networking of the similar non-for-profit organization and, in turn, apply those same social networks within the non-for-profit for which funding is needed. For example, if a similar non-for-profit organization is sponsoring a charitable party or event, the Grant Writer may want to consider attending this event so as to mix and mingle among individuals of the community who, most likely, donate funds or resources to the same type of organizations.

Charity work

Beyond social networking, the Grant Writer for the non-for-profit organization must possess strong written communication skills. As the individual who, for the most part, is solely responsible for grant proposal writing, the Grant Writer must demonstrate a keen ability in creative and persuasive wording, be able to follow grantor funding proposal recommendation guidelines and, in some cases, have an ability to read and understand budget and financial reports.

It is with these key educational and professional experiences, that Grant Writers are better equipped to write and present comprehensive and well written grant proposals, often leading to funding awards from various grantors. Again, it is through this grant writing professionalism, as well as the knack for social networking, that a Grant Writer provides the most benefit to the representative non-for-profit organization. So, how does a non-for-profit organization locate professional Grant Writers?

With many professional career development organizations offering job search and placement assistance, more often than not, the non-for-profit organization simply can not afford the fees associated with the use of these services. As a result, non-for-profit organizations must find Grant Writers with as little dollars necessary. Posting job searches on free websites, such as, has become quite common in addition to advertising need through local professional organizations at quarterly meetings. Beyond these uses, contact local colleges who offer grant writing programs in an effort to retain the services of a college student who may be in the process of completing grant writing or journalism based education.

One key factor to remember, however, is that not all journalism majors make for great Grant Writers. While the writing abilities may be in place, it is crucial to ensure the college or professional journalist is well adept to social networking and can, beyond writing, understand the financial components of fundraising for the non-for-profit organization.

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