Spring Ahead Into Spring Cleaning And Get Cash Through reCommerce

Daylight Savings Time means many of us will lose an hour of sleep this Saturday night.  We here at AbundaTrade.com are of the optimistic variety and choose to focus on the excitement of  Spring’s upcoming arrival rather than on the hour of sleep we will miss this weekend.  While we enjoy Spring for many reasons…the green leaves returning to the trees, the budding flowers and warmer temperatures, we especially look forward to Spring cleaning.  Yes, that’s right, I said we look forward to Spring cleaning and, no, we are not suffering from a bad case of Spring fever, well, ok, maybe just a small case.  But Spring cleaning often leads to reorganizing and down-sizing the clutter that collects (and seems to grow and take on a life of its own)  in closets,  media centers and on bookshelves.Spring cleaning equals cash in your pocket!Enter reCommerce or as AbundaTrade likes to refer to it…smart consumerism!  At AbundaTrade reCommerce and  smart consumerism means putting your unwanted stuff back into the system rather than in a landfill and getting the stuff you do want from a socially conscious company that saves you money.  When you are a smart consumer, you create a win-win scenario for your wallet and our environment.So after you reset your clocks tomorrow,  start planning a little time in the coming weeks (before the weather turns too nice to spend time indoors) to sort through your closets, shelves, storage containers, basement, attic and garage.  Gather your unwanted used and new CDs, DVDs, Video Games and Books and visit our Trade Calculator to get an estimate of how much your stuff is worth.  Submit your list of items and then ship them to us.  You may even qualify for free shipping.  Once we receive your items, we’ll evaluate the condition of your stuff and then you get a direct deposit to your PayPal account, a check in the mail or AbundaTrade store credit with an additional 25% value.  Want a recap of those 5 easy steps, click here.  Happy Spring cleaning everyone!