Examining the Problems with Letting Recyclable Products Enter Landfills

Recycling can have a dramatic impact on our planet’s health and our society’s well-being.  By making sure that all materials that can be recycled are recycled, people can take pleasure in helping to preserve our environment for future generations.

Yet, even with so much education on the importance of recycling, many items that should be recycled simply aren’t, and instead, end up in landfills.  This not only means that many items that can be recycled aren’t being recycled, but this also means we’re wasting money. It costs far more to send items to a landfill than to recycle. In fact, for every thirty dollars spent to recycle material, fifty dollars is spent shipping it to a landfill and seventy dollars is spent to incinerate it.

In order to avoid the costly expenditure of sending recyclable goods to a landfill, take heed of the following items that you can and should recycle. They are all items that are commonly found in landfills, but are actually recyclable materials.


Glass can be recycled into more glass—over and over again. It is a closed loop process, meaning no other material is needed in the recycling process of glass products.


Recycling paper helps reduce energy costs. It also reduces water consumption because of how much water is needed in the new paper creation process.

Plastic Bottles:

Roughly ten percent of landfills are made up of plastic bottles, and those that are incinerated create air pollution.  It is best to recycle your plastic bottles; more plastic bottles can be made from the used bottles.


Aluminum cans take over 500 years to deteriorate, and the United States consumes 80 trillion cans of soda a year.


Batteries and E-waste, such as laptops, cell phones, and televisions, are dangerous to simply throw in a landfill. These materials can release toxic chemicals into the environment.

Organic Matter:

Grass clippings, leaves, and other yard waste is best sent to a compost pile instead of a landfill.

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